Tripterium T50

A next generation cryptocurrency index fund,
with a venture capital feeder fund.
Making it easy for anyone to own a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio.

Tripterium T50 is an asset backed utility token and it does not pay any dividends.
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Tripterium is pleased to announce that we will be speaking and have a stand at the
1st DApp Expo titled EOS vs Ethereum – Who will win the DApp platform war?


(Average T50 price during the ICO was 1 T50 = $0.027)

Ticker Symbol: T50
01 September 2018 to 01 March 2019 Circulating Supply: 577,500,000 (55.75% of Max Supply)
02 March 2019 to 01 September 2019 Circulating Supply: 590,625,000 (59.06% of Max Supply)
02 September 2019 to 01 March 2020 Circulating Supply: 788,750,000 (78.88% of Max Supply)
02 March 2020 to 01 September 2020 Circulating Supply: 801,875,000 (80.19% of Max Supply)
02 September 2020 and thereafter Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 (100% of Max Supply)
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Contract Address: 0x064ED8b48483b37C7A52b0167127057c1157EA15
Decimals: 18

We will request projects that the Tripterium Venture Capital Feeder Fund invests in to accept the Tripterium T50 token during their ICO.

We will be attending several meetups, conferences and summits in order to source new investment opportunities, extend our partner network, and promote Tripterium and the Tripterium T50 token.

January 2019
We will attend events in Vilnius - Lithuania, Riga - Latvia & London - UKs.

November 2018
London - UK
30th November -
We attended the Pillar Project wallet demonstration event.
29th November - we attended the Build for Impact event at @TechHub organised by @TechChill.
21st November - we attended the Blockchain in Healthcare event at Chelsea FC.
14th November - We attended the Richmond Blockchain Technology meetup at One Kew Road.
October 2018
Riga - Latvia
7th to 11th October -
we spent this week with several blockchain and crypto projects in Riga.
London - UK
30th October -
we attended the Tokenmarket meetup at Bar Soho, London.
24th October - we attended the SVK Crypto London meetup at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms.
23rd October - we attended the Ethfinex London meetup at the Shoreditch Platform.
19th October - we attended the Ethereum London meetup at Imperial College.
2nd October - we attended the Blockchain and Crypto Rally at the Institute of Directors.
September 2018
London - UK
26th September -
we attended the Blockchain Live 2018 Expo at Olympia London.
19th September - we attended The Future of Blockchain, meetup organised by SVK Crypto.
13th September - we attended the London Block Exchange (LBX) meetup.
4th September - we attended the Crypto & Blockchain Rally at the Institute of Directors.
August 2018
London - UK
1st August -
we presented at the Investor Roadshow Event at WeWork Waterhouse Square, London.
July 2018
London - UK
24th July -
we attended the CIS London Crypto Nights at Church House, Westminister.
19th July - we attended the Wanchain 2.0 and WanLabs European Tour at The Clubhouse Bank.

Stay Updated

Watch this great presentation by Thomas Lee called The Economics of Cryptocurrencies at the Upfront Summit 2018. He uses data to explain simply why crypto and blockchain will grow as an asset class over the years. That is why a next generation crypto index fund is the way forward.

An explanation by Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner of the Silicon Valley based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, at the 2018 TechCrunch Disrupt - San Francisco. He explains why blockchain will disrupt and create exciting new businesses.

Peace of mind crypto-
currency investments to mainstream investors

last year witnessed a shift of approximately a third of a trillion dollars from actively managed funds into index funds
that means in the United States alone a massive $350 billion moved straight into index funds

There is no need to pick a winner because the tokenized index fund makes it easy
for anyone to own a diverse crypto-portfolio by owning a single token.

Anyone is able to invest in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by buying a single token.

Protection against the T50 token trading at a discount is provided by the liquidation option which creates a price floor for the token,
while allowing the token holder to benefit from the trade premium that the market will give to the token.


Tracking the Index

Higher returns: over the last 30 years, index funds have consistently outperformed actively managed funds.


T50 Feeder Fund

Profits from ICO investments means a constant stream of new money, increasing the value of the fund.


Founders' Club

Free membership to the exclusive Tripterium Founder’ Club, giving you accesses to great ICO discounts.


Diversified Exposure

Broad exposure to a diverse set of cryptocurrencies. Benefit from the fastest growing market in the world.


24/7 Trading

Trade your Tripterium T50 tokens at any time. No minimum investments, no broker fees, no exit fees.


Liquidation Option

Ensuring that the T50 token price does not fall beneath the token’s share of the net asset value of the fund.

In 2007, Warren Buffett made a bet with Protégé Partners,
a US based Investment Company, which specialises in investing in hedge funds.
The bet was that an index fund would outperform their choice of managed funds.
Warren buffet won the $1 million bet as the index fund outperformed Protégé Partners selection of hedge funds.

"Warren Buffett - the billionaire businessman
consistently recommends index funds"

According to Gartner Insights - blockchain - the driving force behind the crypto market
is estimated to grow in business value to $3.1 trillion by 2030

The age of blockchain technology
is just beginning

Interview with the CEO

All top ratings - High assessments - Low risks - Positive responses


Tripterium T50 Index Fund Portfolio

“That promise of simplicity is what is so exciting about Tripterium T50.
Anyone is able to invest in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by buying a single token
There is no need to pick a winner because the tokenized index fund makes it easy
for anyone to own a diverse crypto-portfolio by owning a single token."

Staking Profits Injected into the T50 Index Fund during Rebalancing
Forked Coin Profits Injected into the T50 Index Fund during Rebalancing
Venture Capital Feeder Fund Profits Injected into the T50 Index Fund Quarterly

A constant stream of new money - increasing the value of the fund

Portfolio Rebalanced Weekly
Live prices and market cap

“Prices are derived by taking the volume weighted average of all prices reported at each market"

Tripterium T50 Index Fund Portfolio Percentage

"Tripterium T50 is a tokenized cryptocurrency index fund -
making it easy for anyone to own a diverse crypto-portfolio by owning a single token"

Benefit from the fastest growing next generation market in the world


From development to a next generation cryptocurrency index fund.

  • August – December 2017

    Testing the proof of concept for a hybrid cryptocurrency index fund that has a venture capital feeder fund

  • January – February 2018

    The team is put together

    Created the portfolio hyper-parameters and criteria for the venture capital feeder fund

  • February – March 2018
    Smart Contracts Developed

    The Tripterium smart contracts developed along with back end functions

  • March – June 2018
    Test Systems and Smart Contracts

    Testing of autonomous trading system

    Testing of smart contracts and back end systems

    Perform security audit and consulting with industry experts and advisors

    White paper released: May 18, 2018

    Bounty campaign started

  • June – August 2018
    Public Token Sale

    Stage One: (100% bonus)
    June 15, 2018 to July 26, 2018

    Stage Two:
    July 27, 2018 to August 31, 2018

  • After the End of the ICO
    Exchange Listing and Regular Fund Operation

    Tripterium T50 tokens are unlocked on the day they are listed for trade on exchanges

    Regular operation of the Tripterium T50 index fund begins

    The Tripterium T50 Venture Capital Feeder Fund begins operating

    The team host quarterly video performance calls to discuss the fund’s performance and any outlook for the future, including discussing the companies that the Tripterium T50 Venture Capital Feeder Fund will have invested in

    Significant time and effort will be invested into marketing the T50 fund to Institutions

  • Founders’ Club
    Tesla Model X Winner Announced

    Operation of the Tripterium Founders’ Club commences

    The Tripterium Founders’ Club announces the winner of the Tesla Model X

  • Marketing
    T50 to

As blockchain technology matures - the Tripterium T50 Index fund will simply harness the power of the markets to deliver healthy returns

At the time of writing - the total market cap of the crypto market has been fluctuating around $400 billion

This might seem a lot but when you take into consideration the size of other financial markets it really is not - gold is a $7.7 trillion market - the global stock market is a $73 trillion market - the global real estate market is a $217 trillion market - and the derivatives market is a $544 trillion market

There is room for exponential growth in the crypto market


The team behind Tripterium

Kenneth Omoya

Kenneth Omoya


Strong international business background. 8 years at Sky Plc (LSE:SKY), a 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOXA) company. Sky Plc is Europe's biggest media company and largest pay-TV broadcaster. 4 years as CEO of Eventprem, a start-up activities, tours and excursion online marketplace company. 3 years at TalkTalk Plc (LON:TALK), a pay-TV, telecommunications, Internet access, and mobile network company. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology & Management from the University of Bradford, PG Dip from Birkbeck, University of London and is a member of the Institute of Directors in the UK. Also attended Tallinn University, Estonia.

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated trader and portfolio manager, with over 15 years of sound trading experience, in equities and the securities financial markets. Executed strategies yielding an impressive track record. Expertise include providing technical and fundamental analysis, trading derivatives in the UK, US and European equities markets. Portfolio Strategist at Marshall Sterling Investment Management. Previously Equities Derivative Trader at Agincourt Financial. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Providence College, Rhode Island, USA. From the Securities Institute holds a Certificate in Securities and a Certificate in Derivatives. Represented Great Britain from the age of 12 at Tennis. Played Junior Wimbledon and received a full Tennis Scholarship to Providence College Rhode Island who then beat Yale University for the first time in the Providence's history.

Anna Borisova

Anna Borisova

Cryptocurrency Investment Analyst

Researcher, scientist and project manager with a global vision and international experience. More than 10 years of valuable skills and practical experience in research and data analysis, covering different topics and approaches of various European countries (Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Belarus). Extensive experience in banking within the field of foreign exchange and money markets. Further experience gained in an Investment Company in terms of crowd funding in the Real Estate Market (particularly in Germany). President of Non-Governmental Organization, Inspiration by Motion, in Latvia. Currently analyzing blockchain projects and upcoming ICOs to investigate their potential viability and legal aspects. Holds a master's degree in Physics from the University of Latvia, and completing a PhD in Mechanics of Polymer Nanocomposites from the University of Latvia.

Reetendranath Banerji

Reetendranath Banerji


International business and technical experience in the US Telecommunications and Data Networks Industry with AT&T (NYSE:T), the world's largest telecommunications company. Pursued interest in wireless data solutions by relocating to Silicon Valley, California, and worked with IT start-up companies launching wireless Data Network products and services. Previously a candidate for Member of Parliament in the UK. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of London and an MBA from Western Carolina University. He is passionate about teaching.

Rita Drozda

Rita Drozda

Marketing & Communication Manager

Hands on experience in the communications field, focusing on social media and online reputation management. Experience in bringing brands and customers closer to each other. Managing the right messages, listening to customers and creating meaningful dialogue that is beneficial to both parties.

Advisory Team

The advisors behind the team

Naviin Kapoor

Naviin Kapoor

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

ICO Advisor
A Top 10 ICO Advisor on ICO Bench

An experienced business transformation leader with more than eleven and a half years of business experience. Extensive experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. Eight and a half years banking systems experience at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and three and a half years systems experience at Oracle. Proving \ provided ICO advice to 17 of the best blockchain companies. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Guru Nanak Dev University, and an MBA from Jaipur National University.

Craig Plant

Craig Plant

Serial Entrepreneur

Venture Capital Advisor
Investor in 100+ Mainly Start-Up Companies

Founder of over 10+ six figure companies in the UK. Extensive experience in analysing and selecting companies to invest in, as well as in guiding high growth companies. Manages a portfolio of the largest privately owned apartments in the Baltics. A former professional rugby player, he played rugby union for Northampton Saints, then changed to rugby league, and played for Warrington, Whitehaven, and Oxford.

John Omoya

John Omoya

Access Private Equity

Investment Advisor
Specialist in Highly Structured Transactions

Experienced in providing advisory services in private equity, the securities markets and on highly structured transactions. Clients include international private client advisors, wealth managers, and other financial services firms. Cater to a variety of investors seeking different levels of risk and looking at both short and longer term trading strategies, covering all aspects of the market from the FTSE 100 through to AIM and PLUS. Previously an Investment Advisor at Access Equity Management, Ascension Securities and Sky Capital UK. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Nottingham Trent University.

Partners & Technologies

Automating Deployment and Scaling Automating Deployment
Ethereum Protocol Ethereum Protocol
Secure Hardware Wallet Secure Hardware Wallet
Vault by Hashicorp Secure Encryption

Tripterium T50 Token ICO Key Details

ICO Start Date: June 15, 2018

Tripterium T50 ICO Details

Tripterium T50 ICO Stages
Tripterium T50 ICO Stages

Tripterium T50 Token Distribution Table
Tripterium T50 Token Distribution Table

Tripterium T50 Token Distribution Percentage

Tripterium T50 Fund Utilization
Tripterium T50 Fund Utilization

Tripterium T50 Fund Utilization Table

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